About Us

Empire Zero is a family-owned and operated food waste hauling and zero waste consulting firm based in the Capital District of New York State. Founded by dynamic father-son duo Phil and Tyler Holloway in the spring of 2012, the company has grown from its home base in the Capital District to provide services in New York's Hudson Valley and the Berkshires and Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts. We proudly partner with local compost facilities to transform waste organics and other compostables into compost, a high-quality soil amendment.

In addition to supporting commercial clients, Empire Zero runs a community composting program for small businesses, homes, and apartment dwellers in the Capital District. Our commercial and residential food waste recycling services are an integral part of the rapidly changing way Americans are thinking about their waste and their local food systems. Along with a more recent focus on innovative composting services and zero waste consulting for events, we are partnering with new local businesses, institutions and organizations every day to connect the the table back to the farm.

Join the movement. Redefine waste.