Commercial Service

From a few gallons of coffee grounds to tons of onion peels, Natural Upcycling can take it all! Natural Upcycling offers a commercial compost recycling service to businesses and institutions to support your sustainability goals. Large or small, get in touch with us and we will get you started with a food waste pick up program!

Our standard commercial composting service utilizes 32 or 64 gallon totes, which are easy to fill and move. Our services are entirely based upon the specific needs of our clients, so we will tailor our service to you, though we prefer to service at least once per week in order to maintain a high level of service and customer satisfaction.

With employee training, professional signage, competitive pricing and custom food waste plans available, let us help you divert material from the landfill, recycle more of your valuable compostables, and achieve zero waste! 

Natural Upcycling partners with local compost facilities in your area in order to help reduce truck emissions and keep the food waste and related compost products in the local system. If you think this is something you or your employer might be interested in fill out our contact sheet and we will be in touch shortly!